Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bear Grylls!!! I need you!!!...not really.

Sure, Bear Grylls can find a way out of a sticky situation in the middle of a jungle or a forest, but can he show us how to find a way out of unemployment in a world that is in the middle of an economic crisis...I wouldn't count on it but he seems to be doing fine with his teaching methods on how to survive off eating skunks and goat balls. I finally graduated from the University of California Santa Barbara and I don't see how this will help me. My instincts tell me that it'll take more than eating skunks and building rafts out of twigs and mud to get me through this economic crisis. For me I'll have to use my street smarts and God given abilities to get me through this jungle called life. It's not the best of times right now but when has it been? All I can do now is my best and pray that my hard work pays off. So in the mean time keep your head high and do what you can to survive out there.
"It's hard, but it's fair." -Clifton "Pop" Herring (Former coach of Michael Jordan) So stop whining!!!

Here watch Bear Grylls eat Goat testicles...


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