Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Costume Design? No Problem

I've been doodling a lot since I've been out of Guacho city AKA Isla Vista. I've been working with a great friend and talented filmaker JORDAN SHARPE. He's been working on a short for almost a year now and has asked me to help him with the art. This picture here is some costume designing I've recently completed for the film. More to come...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Damn! Has it really been two months since my last post???

Here's a pic for the holidays...more to promises though. This was taken from my current part time job at STATS holiday store in Pasadena.... I don't plan on staying there that all. HAPPY HOLIDAYS :)

The Long Road Ahead

MIA is an understatement. It's been a fast paced life so far and I've experienced my ups and downs so far and I admit the cliche that "life is a roller-coaster". My career path is unstable and a little nauseating at times yet I can still see the light at the end of the tunnel. The past few months it's been a trip; meeting people, listening to their stories, learning from their experiences and trying to piece together the right strategy to my write my own story of experiences. Writing your own story is not easy. Childhood dreams usually are the endings we desire at the end of the road, but with unexpected road blocks and detours it's not easy to get there. As difficult as it may be it's not impossible. Opportunities arise without warning, and if your not witty, wise, or clever, the rug that once was the soft stable comfort below your feet has been pulled out from under you, sending you on your ASS on the cold cement ground. Although sometimes cement isn't that bad, you just don't have a rug anymore. The bastard who stole it from you has it, oh well...I was planning on getting a new rug anyways.

Oh ya and the poster of the road isn't really relevant...except for maybe the title...I just can't wait for the movie.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


If you love music, if you love art, and if you love some Chun Li...then you will love the Underground Tournament League! On September 13th, 2009, UGTL held their third strike tournament at Project Infest in downtown Los Angeles. The event combined Street Fighter IV, live music, live artists, drinks, food, and beer pong. Heres a little tasty flavor of what it was like at the tournament. Yes you missed this past tournament but there's a 4th STRIKE coming up October 17th. If you want to whoop some ass, see ME and J Ramos bust out some sick art and bounce to SXEZSKOZ music then come through to the event.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Disneyland's Star Tours to be Remodeled...for 2011

In the early mid 80's Disneyland indulged its audience in the world of George Lucas on the virtual ride STAR TOURS. Once I heard the news of the new and improved Star Tours II coming 2011 I had to capture the ride on my camera this past weekend before it is changed forever. As a little padawan I always wanted to know what it was like to fight Tie Fighters and fly through the Death Star. Star Tours took me on a flight through the galaxy far far away where I was able to live this childhood dream. Although it is a simulation of the real thing, and IT IS REAL!!! I felt like I was fighting the EMPIRE, along side 30 other strangers who sat in the cockpit. As I will miss the old, I'm sure the new will bring something exciting and enjoyable for all those who have the force with them...always.....UGH it feels good to get all of those Star Wars puns out.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Konnichiwa. Today I went to the ward office of Shinjuku to apply for my Alien Registration Card. It's sort of like a Green card in America. Do I feel strange about it? Nah, not really. Do I feel like I can relate to the immigrants in America now? Yes, definitely. If one doesn't carry it with them, you can be sent to jail. It's basically a card that says "Hi, I'm not from here."

Also at the office, I had a chance to realize how much my Japanese sucks when testing it in the mother land. I also know how those people we see in America that can't speak English feel. It's very frustrating. On a good note, here's a pic of my room. I hear it's much bigger than usual rooms. It's half of an attic.

Yep, that's Mickey Mouse on the pillow homie. And the top left yellow nub is the leg of a stuffed Pooh bear. Pretty sweet, simple, and calming. That's all for now, more interesting things to come...for real real.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Business Class

So the journey begins. I've finally arrived in the land of the rising sun and so far so good. Now, let me ramble on about how cool my flight was. I was upgraded to Business class on a free Stand-by ticket. Although I had a shitty middle seat in the middle aisle (double middle I guess) it was pretty damn amazing. Everything was complimentary, including headphones, a package with a toothbrush, lotion, socks, slippers, an eye mask, tissue, and I also had a private viewing screen for in-flight movies. Something about the retardedly complicated/comfortable chair and ridiculous amount of leg room made it that much better. Also, the meals were better than I usually eat at home. It started with a house salad with a creamy garlic ranch, as well as a plate of shrimp, prosciutto, and vegetables. The main course was a slow braised rib eye with cabbage in a wine reduction accompanied by seasoned potatoes and yams. The desert was a key lime cheesecake and drinks consisted of chef recommended wines. Jealous? Don't be, I'm not bragging. I just needed to document it.

Now that that's out of the way, lets start by saying that being drunk on a plane is a bad idea. When I first got to my seat I had a few Jack & Cokes, followed by the glass of wine. Drunk., followed by a mini hangover that lasted a few hours. Things I learned on the plane:

1. Eezel from Friday is in the movie The Soloist with Jamie Foxx. He's seen playing a homeless man at the Lamp Community Center, riding a bike and offering Robert Downey Jr. something, cant remember. Eezel got typecasted as a bum.

2. Mike Tyson fought and won his first Heavyweight Championship belt while having gonorrhea. Thanks to the documentary, Tyson, for that one. The doc really humanizes Mike, check it out some time.

3. Again, drinking on a plane is bad. Some old woman passed out in the aisle. No one knew why. I didn't either until we exited the plane. While exiting behind the woman, I hear the flight attendant that helped her off the floor jokingly tell her "no more screwdrivers." Old lady gettin' crunk.

4. No matter how good the food is on a flight, it will still kill your stomach. It's like McDonald's breakfast. Like crack it's so good, but it will undoubtedly give you the McShits.

All in all, great flight. I then started off my first few hours in Japan by being complimented by an old Japanese woman about how strong I was, taking an hour bus ride while watching some foreign guy basically attempt rape on his Asian girlfriend, and take a 20min taxi ride with the nicest taxi driver ever. I'm definitely in Japan. Alright, blah blah time to get to business, but first I sleep. Jet lag is no joke.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye Does it AGAIN!...Thank You Kanye!

The MTV Video Music Awards wouldn't be complete or to say the least, entertaining, unless Kanye had a "Kanye Moment." Kanye has to be one of the best artist today and possibly ever, so when he makes is opinions known it makes headlines. I don't blame him for having an opinion on things, in fact I have more respect for the hard working artist. Not many celebrities go on television and speak the truth.
In this case Kanye has done just that. Taylor Swift had just beat out Beyonce for Best Female Video. When Taylor Swift came up and was about to give her acceptance speech, Kanye jumped onto the stage and spoke hismind.It's not the first time that Kanye has spoken his mind. Although he did apologize Kanye stated on his blog that he still believes that Beyonce had the best video in the past decade. Oh and did you know that the MTV Video Music Awards was a dedication to Michael Jackson?....NO? Neither did I.

Underground Street Fighter Tournament means Art For Everyone Gamers

Street Fighter has to be an instant classic for any gamer. Hadukens and sonic booms got me a little too excited when I was just a little I'm sure it did for the people who came to participate in the 3rd Underground Tournament League of Street Fighter IV. There was live music which featured the dude SXEZSKOZ, free alcohol for the 21 and over crowd, tacos which were ridiculously delicious in my belly, and live art by ME and J Ramos. Water Color paintings went from $10-$20...with the amount we had in our wallets prior to the event I would say we did pretty well by the end. Over all the event went really well. I plan on doing the next tournament in October. I can't pass up another chance to listen to great music, play video games for prizes, get paid do art, and have a miller or two for free. sigh GOOD TIMES

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

FC Barcelona comes to Pasadena

I'm confused....why are the Galaxy Fans booing Beckham? He's one of their best players....and at the Barcelona game he scored their only goal....Beckham style btw, and they still booed him...??? It must be that the fans are LA fans. I'm from LA and I've had this problem for a while now. Not too long ago Los Angeles Laker fans destroyed LA after the NBA finals...what good does that do? Is it too much to ask that you act like you have some common sense. You all heard about the Holy grail shoe store: I've had run in's and similar experiences with LA fans from USC, UCLA, Dodgers, Lakers, and now the Galaxy...never Clipper fans for some reason. It's understandable that LA is supporting their home team, but based on how they act in public gives LA a bad name....which is why I do not associate myself with them...unless it's the Clippers. All I ask is that you act like you have an education and celebrate like a civilized human being, or you'll never be expected to be anything but a dumb @$%!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009 or honest?....Or, just both?

Hunched over my desk, bobbin to some tunes while drawing, I took a break to go on to one of my favorite forums ( If you haven' t heard of it I recommend you ditch that sleazy forum that you thought was cool and join the insightful niketalk.
As I scrolled down and entered the beloved GENERAL section a new thread had caught my eye. The title read ++Official Ugly Chick Thread!++ . I instantly dove into the thread and it was everything I expected. There were fat girls, ugly girls, and the disgusting girls who had a combination of the two. Now before you say how shallow I am for loving this thread, check it out for your self and try not to be amazed. I had honestly never seen anything like it...or her. o_O

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bear Grylls!!! I need you!!!...not really.

Sure, Bear Grylls can find a way out of a sticky situation in the middle of a jungle or a forest, but can he show us how to find a way out of unemployment in a world that is in the middle of an economic crisis...I wouldn't count on it but he seems to be doing fine with his teaching methods on how to survive off eating skunks and goat balls. I finally graduated from the University of California Santa Barbara and I don't see how this will help me. My instincts tell me that it'll take more than eating skunks and building rafts out of twigs and mud to get me through this economic crisis. For me I'll have to use my street smarts and God given abilities to get me through this jungle called life. It's not the best of times right now but when has it been? All I can do now is my best and pray that my hard work pays off. So in the mean time keep your head high and do what you can to survive out there.
"It's hard, but it's fair." -Clifton "Pop" Herring (Former coach of Michael Jordan) So stop whining!!!

Here watch Bear Grylls eat Goat testicles...