Thursday, September 17, 2009

Business Class

So the journey begins. I've finally arrived in the land of the rising sun and so far so good. Now, let me ramble on about how cool my flight was. I was upgraded to Business class on a free Stand-by ticket. Although I had a shitty middle seat in the middle aisle (double middle I guess) it was pretty damn amazing. Everything was complimentary, including headphones, a package with a toothbrush, lotion, socks, slippers, an eye mask, tissue, and I also had a private viewing screen for in-flight movies. Something about the retardedly complicated/comfortable chair and ridiculous amount of leg room made it that much better. Also, the meals were better than I usually eat at home. It started with a house salad with a creamy garlic ranch, as well as a plate of shrimp, prosciutto, and vegetables. The main course was a slow braised rib eye with cabbage in a wine reduction accompanied by seasoned potatoes and yams. The desert was a key lime cheesecake and drinks consisted of chef recommended wines. Jealous? Don't be, I'm not bragging. I just needed to document it.

Now that that's out of the way, lets start by saying that being drunk on a plane is a bad idea. When I first got to my seat I had a few Jack & Cokes, followed by the glass of wine. Drunk., followed by a mini hangover that lasted a few hours. Things I learned on the plane:

1. Eezel from Friday is in the movie The Soloist with Jamie Foxx. He's seen playing a homeless man at the Lamp Community Center, riding a bike and offering Robert Downey Jr. something, cant remember. Eezel got typecasted as a bum.

2. Mike Tyson fought and won his first Heavyweight Championship belt while having gonorrhea. Thanks to the documentary, Tyson, for that one. The doc really humanizes Mike, check it out some time.

3. Again, drinking on a plane is bad. Some old woman passed out in the aisle. No one knew why. I didn't either until we exited the plane. While exiting behind the woman, I hear the flight attendant that helped her off the floor jokingly tell her "no more screwdrivers." Old lady gettin' crunk.

4. No matter how good the food is on a flight, it will still kill your stomach. It's like McDonald's breakfast. Like crack it's so good, but it will undoubtedly give you the McShits.

All in all, great flight. I then started off my first few hours in Japan by being complimented by an old Japanese woman about how strong I was, taking an hour bus ride while watching some foreign guy basically attempt rape on his Asian girlfriend, and take a 20min taxi ride with the nicest taxi driver ever. I'm definitely in Japan. Alright, blah blah time to get to business, but first I sleep. Jet lag is no joke.

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